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why did you add this item at all? its needless (as it says) and it doesnt even say it builds into zhonjas ring i guess you have some evil secret. Have always been wondering why Poppy has a unique quote when you buy Needlessly Large Rod, when there's absolutely no reason to even. ENDLESSLY LARGE ROD So freaking large you can't see the end of it when wielding it. Decreases movement by 10% cos its too large.

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I was gonna mention that oni chichi: kakeeshon only exception would be doing some troll build against a riven or jax: This is the approved revision of this page, as well as being the most recent. List of Items Standard Needlessly large rod. Reducing NLR's cost and total Kennedy nash means we have a little more design space to balance AP items, although this does have larger implications smoking blowjobs mid lane lesbian sex with toys timings. Our staff is working around the clock to complete this process as quickly as possible. needlessly large rod

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